Terms & Conditions

1. Indemnity

The use of the facilities or any parts thereof is entirely at the risk of the hirer and EIGCC accepts no responsibility for any loss, claims, actions, demands, proceedings or costs arising out of any claims made by the hirer or against the hirer by a third party. The hirer shall indemnify EIGCC against any such claims, actions, demands, proceedings or costs which may be brought against EIGCC arising out of or incidental to the hire of the facilities and equipment.

2. Insurance

All clubs must supply a copy of their insurance cover with their booking form.

3. Damage

The hirer agrees to pay to EIGCC on demand the cost of repairing or making good any loss or damage to any apparatus, equipment or decoration (fair wear and tear exempt) arising out of or incidental to the hiring.

4. Arrival of Guests/Spectators

All guests/ spectators should also comply with the conditions of hire.

5. Parking

Please can all players and guests ensure that they park in EIGCC’s designated parking spaces, which is anywhere behind and to the side of the Pavilion on the grass/gravel area and also 8 allotted spaces in the car park, 3 against the back wooden fence and 5 in front of the white metal poles.