Captain’s Corner

1st April 2016

So….here we go again!


Two weeks today is our first game of the year and already we are mirroring previous years. There has been the usal flurry of activity to get the ground, the playing surface and pavilion ready and there has been the usual disaster with machinery. The roller broke two weeks ago and there has been the usual self doubt about whether we will have everything ready in time.

This year is slightly different though….and in a good way. We don’t have to mop up after a roof leak or clean the spiders out of the ladies toilet, now that we have our new pavilion. We have a new website and we have new members making a difference. Robin has supplemented our usual fixture list with exciting new teams for us to lose against and we have the prospect of a new format for our now ‘renowned’ 6’s tournament.

Whilst some things are different, what will remain the same is our philosophy to playing the game we all love

  • We will aim to win 51% of the games we play and do so in the last over
  • Everyone will get a game
  • We will have a beer with the opposition after the game
  • Rich Anderson will bowl a wide with the first ball of the year and win goofy moment
  • And most importantly we will want to do it all again the season after